New York City 2017

My first collection includes photos from my recent trip to New York City. Even though my family and I were only there for the weekend, we were fortunate enough to visit amazing destinations all around the East and West Village.

Blue York (The High Line) 

Blue York

This is one of my favorite photos from my trip to New York. My family and I were walking along the High Line that runs through the West Village at sunset, and I noticed that the sun and blue sky were reflecting off the windows of this nearby building. I only included the top corner of the building to create visual interest and exhibit the beauty of the vibrant sky.

Fire Escapes at Dawn (The High Line) 

Fire Escapes at Dawn

This photo was also taken on the High Line. Even though my family and I were visiting New York in the middle of February, we were lucky enough to stumble across some great weather. The morning this photo was taken, it was a warm 65° in the West Village. (Very unusual!) The sun made the fire escapes on the different apartments appear very colorful and acquire a similar tint to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Girls and Graffiti (West Village)

Girls and Graffiti

Of every photo I took on this trip, Girls and Graffiti is my favorite. It captures my two closest friends (one being my sister) admiring an interesting wall of graffiti we found on a street corner within the West Village. I like the balance it produces: the asymmetry of posters on the wall and the symmetry of the two girls examining it.

Connections (High Line)


This picture was captured on the High Line as well. I enjoyed the fact that a bridge connected two brick buildings off in the distance. Additionally, I found it visually entertaining because the left building has light bouncing off the side while the right building is shadowed- it shows contrast.

Bleecker Street (West Village)

Bleecker Street

After shopping in the West Village for a few hours, my family and I started making our way back to our hotel in the Meatpacking District. On the way back, we passed this building that was reflecting the sunlight off the fire escapes and windows. I thought this photo was very beautiful and had nice balance.

A quick little tip! Some of the best shopping in New York City is in the West Village.

That Girl (High Line)

That Girl

This is a photograph of my beautiful twin sister, Maren. I mostly liked the way the photograph is set up: Maren being in the right third of the picture and the buildings being in the first and second. I feel that she looks very fashionable and like a true ‘New Yorker’.

Bridge Lights (High Line) 

Bridge Lights

One night, after admiring the sunset, my family and I trekked back to our hotel. While passing under the High Line, I noticed these lights glowing under the bridge- so I decided to snap a photo!

Spice it Up (Chelsea Market) 

Spice it Up

One of the coolest places in New York City’s West Village is Chelsea Market. At one of the stands, was rows and rows of exotic spices that smelled sensational and showed great vibrance.

Chelsea Market:

The Line (Subway) 

The Line

Something I came to realize after staying in New York for a couple days was that the Subway is the most efficient way to get around the city and visit the different boroughs. Not only is it relaxing, there is great people watching and wondrous graffiti. For this photo, I enjoyed the way the light hit the tile and how weathered the walls were.

Sunset (High Line)


This is one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. I was walking through the Meatpacking District one evening and saw that the sky was beginning to turn orange. Quickly, I climbed up to the High Line and captured this. I like that the city is a silhouette and the sky is a variant of orange, green and blue.

St. Lucia 2016


St. Lucia Sunset 

Most nights, if it wasn’t raining, we had amazing yellow and orange sunsets. During this sunset, it had just stopped raining so there were still grey storm clouds covering the sun. I liked the visual interest this created and the silhouette of the trees framing the photo.


Sun Gate 

I enjoyed this photo because I could see the sun showing through the top of the gate. Throughout the entire house, were stone gates that separated different areas of the house and also made for cool pictures.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Girl and Pitons 

Our house was situated in Anse Chanstanet, St.Lucia and overlooked the Piton Mountains. This was taken in the late afternoon- right before sunset. My sister and I were taking in the view and swimming. I love the colors and vibrancy of the photo and the way my sister and mountains are situated.



I got this picture when my sister was walking through the outside gates. I liked how the flowers stemming off the stone and her bathing suit were the same color.


Morning Mountain

This was taken at around 10:00 am island time. The sun made the house look yellow, glowing and hit different edges/ sides of the patio.

The Golden Gate



img_7495-2I live right outside San Francisco, so I tend to visit a lot. Additionally, I love photographing the Golden Gate Bridge! This was taken right as the sun was setting, so the colors of the bridge were especially bright and the sky behind it was layered with oranges, pinks and blues. I probably have 50 pictures of the Bridge, but this is by far my favorite.