St. Lucia 2016


St. Lucia Sunset 

Most nights, if it wasn’t raining, we had amazing yellow and orange sunsets. During this sunset, it had just stopped raining so there were still grey storm clouds covering the sun. I liked the visual interest this created and the silhouette of the trees framing the photo.


Sun Gate 

I enjoyed this photo because I could see the sun showing through the top of the gate. Throughout the entire house, were stone gates that separated different areas of the house and also made for cool pictures.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Girl and Pitons 

Our house was situated in Anse Chanstanet, St.Lucia and overlooked the Piton Mountains. This was taken in the late afternoon- right before sunset. My sister and I were taking in the view and swimming. I love the colors and vibrancy of the photo and the way my sister and mountains are situated.



I got this picture when my sister was walking through the outside gates. I liked how the flowers stemming off the stone and her bathing suit were the same color.


Morning Mountain

This was taken at around 10:00 am island time. The sun made the house look yellow, glowing and hit different edges/ sides of the patio.


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